Cognition in Diagnostics

Existing diagnostic systems are crude. We have expertise in the design and construction of systems that implement consultation models.

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Cognition in Training

Most automated training systems are content driven. We have expertise in designing systems that seek to establish what the student knows, and what they should be taught.

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Cognition in Support

Automated support systems combine both aspects of diagnosis and education. We have expertise in designing systems that combine both.

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Helping you transform your services

We have a brain. We are not merely consultants, we are world leaders in the construction of biologically inspired models of human intelligence.

How many of us are frustrated by menu driven call centers? Technical and service support systems that rely on brittle scripts?

Our technology implements "understanding" in a form that we might commonly recognize. It allows us to build systems that interact with users in a human-friendly and efficient fashion.

Not only does this allow you to make support savings, but it also allows you to enhance the quality of the services that you provide.


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